Installing fedcloudclient with pip

Simply use the following pip3 command (should be done without root privileges).

$ pip3 install fedcloudclient

That will install latest version fedcloudclient package together with its required packages (like openstackclient). It will also create executable files "fedcloud" and "openstack" and add them to corresponding directory according to your Python execution environment ($VIRTUAL_ENV/bin for executing pip3 in Python virtual environment, ~/.local/bin for executing pip3 as user (with --user option), and /usr/local/bin when executing pip3 as root). Make sure to add ~/.local/bin to $PATH if installing as user.

Check if the installation is correct by executing the client

$ fedcloud

Installing EGI Core Trust Anchor certificates

Some sites use certificates issued by national certificate authorities that are not included in the default OS distribution. If you receive error message "SSL exception connecting to https:// ...", follow instructions for installing EGI Core Trust Anchor certificates and add them to the certificate bundle of Python requests. For quick test in virtual environment, just execute the following commands. See this for more details.

$ wget
$ bash

Using fedcloudclient via Docker container

You can use Docker container for testing fedcloudclient without installation. EGI Core Trust Anchor certificates and site configurations are preinstalled.

$ sudo docker pull tdviet/fedcloudclient
$ sudo docker run -it  tdviet/fedcloudclient bash