Quick start

The Tutorial presentation is designed for new users of FedCloud client. It starts with the quick setup and basic usages, then step by step to more advanced scenarios.


  • Install FedCloud client via pip:

$ pip3 install fedcloudclient

or use Docker container:

$ docker run -it  tdviet/fedcloudclient bash

Basic usages

  • List your VO memberships according to the access token:

$ fedcloud token list-vos
  • List sites in EGI Federated Cloud

$ fedcloud site list
  • Execute an OpenStack command, e.g. list images in eosc-synergy.eu VO on IISAS-FedCloud site (or other combination of site and VO you have access):

$ fedcloud openstack image list --site IISAS-FedCloud --vo eosc-synergy.eu
Site: IISAS-FedCloud, VO: eosc-synergy.eu
| ID                                   | Name                                            | Status |
| 862d4ede-6a11-4227-8388-c94141a5dace | Image for EGI CentOS 7 [CentOS/7/VirtualBox]    | active |
  • Execute an OpenStack command, e.g. list VMs in eosc-synergy.eu VO on all sites and print output in JSON format for further machine processing:

$ fedcloud openstack server list --site ALL_SITES --vo eosc-synergy.eu --json-output
  "Site": "IISAS-FedCloud",
  "VO": "eosc-synergy.eu",
  "command": "server list",
  "Exception": null,
  "Error code": 0,
  "Result": [
  • Get helps from the client

$ fedcloud --help
Usage: fedcloud [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  endpoint       Endpoint command group for interaction with GOCDB and endpoints
  openstack      Executing OpenStack commands on site and VO
  openstack-int  Interactive OpenStack client on site and VO
  site           Site command group for manipulation with site configurations
  token          Token command group for manipulation with tokens
  • Read the Tutorial presentation or next sections for more information.